Next Week’s Learning w/b 04.06.19

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The children will return to school on Tuesday 4th June, after an inset day.

Our new Topic is Blooming Marvellous and we have lots of exciting activities related to growing planned! In the first week, the children will be receiving an exciting parcel and may have to do some planting! They will be finding out what plants need to grow, making predictions and writing a letter.

In Maths the children will be completing their money topic by consolidating everything they have learnt and will then move on to grouping and multiplication.

There will also be a big focus on Phonics during the first few weeks of Summer 2, as we have our Phonics screening in week 2.

This Week’s Learning w/b 20.05.19

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In Topic this week the children had lots of fun getting ready for the picnic, preparing snacks and making sandwiches galore! They wrote instructions for making a sandwich and then wrote an entertaining letter from the pesky seagulls to Mr Grinling to apologise for stealing his lunch!

In Maths this week the children have been learning all about money. They have been developing their recognition of British coins and notes, ordering them and then finding the total value of a combination of coins.

A huge thank you to all of the parents and carers who turned up to our picnic on Wednesday. It was a wonderful turn out and we all really appreciate your support! A special thank you goes to the parents who came along who are observing Ramadan at the moment and weren’t even able to eat any of the food that the children had made. A final thank you for all of the £1 donations we received for the picnic too.

Finally, last but not least, our stars of the week! These children have exemplified the Kingsley values both inside and outside of the classroom and we are very proud of them all.

Hawking: Dino

Peake: Tiffany

Jemison: Millad

Lovelace: Aarush

The children have handwriting homework, daily reading and daily Phonics practice to complete over the half term. Thank you for your support with these. We hope that you all have a wonderful holiday and we will see you when we return after half term!

Next Week’s Learning w/b 20.05.19

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Next week in Topic the children will be looking at the work of different artists who created seaside scenes, such as J.M.W Turner and they will be creating their own seaside scene, using a range of medium such as collage, oil pastels and paint. They will be learning about different weather patterns in Science and will be looking at how the weather has changed through the Spring season, as they have been recording this on a daily weather chart. Towards the end of the week, they will be writing a recipe for how to make a picnic sandwich and will be writing an apology letter for Mr Grinling, from the pesky seagulls who ate all of his lunch!

In Maths the children will be exploring money and will be finding out about the values of different British coins and notes. They will be comparing, sorting and ordering them and finally using addition to find the total value of a group of coins.

Our last day of school before the half term holiday is Friday 24th May.

This Week’s Learning w/b 13.05.19

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In Topic the children have been enjoying singing songs and chants inspired by the seaside (see if they can remember any to sing to you at home!) as well as learning to play a beat on an untuned instrument such as drums and tambourines. This week they created a text map of instructions to trap a pesky seagull and then wrote up these instructions using bossy verbs and time connectives. The results were very entertaining and lots of the children really enjoyed this task! They have also been designing a disgusting or a delicious sandwich and writing invitations for our picnic next week, which we hope that you have received!

In Maths the children have been learning about capacity. They have explored the concept of full, half full and empty, filling a range of containers, ordering them and finally measuring capacity using non-standard measures such as spoons. We have been encouraging them to use the correct vocabulary and to share their reasoning for example, how they know that something is half full! They have also been problem solving and discussing which container has the most and which has the least and why.

We are so proud of our stars of the week who have all made fantastic progress with their writing, due to their engagement, motivation and tenacity. A huge well done!

Hawking class: Jordan

Jemison class: Mason

Lovelace class: Ophra

Peake class: Kaveenan

Finally, a big thank you to all of the parents and carers who came to our Phonics meeting this morning. It was a fantastic turn out and we will be sending the Phonics packs (that you were shown) home today.

This Week’s Learning w/b 07.05.19

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In Topic the children have been working extremely hard this week, writing a seaside setting description, finding out what seasides were like in Queen Victoria’s time and comparing them to now, creating a brochure to advertise a holiday to the seaside at Littlehampton and designing a trap for the pesky seagulls from The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. So, they have certainly been busy!

In Maths the children have enjoyed exploring weight. They acted as human scales and used balance scales to compare a range of objects, discussing whether they were heavy or light. Towards the end of the week, they weighed all sorts of objects using cubes and solved some weight word problems.

A ginormous congratulations to our stars of the week who have made all of their teachers and classmates very proud, thanks to their responsibility, hard work, positive attitudes and resilience. We all really enjoyed having parents and carers attend the celebration assembly today so thank you for being there!

Hawking class: Akshita

Jemison class: Fabian

Lovelace class: Kimora

Peake class: Naween

Well done also to Frankie Symes for all of his fantastic football trophies and medals that he shared with us!

Finally, please put Wednesday 22nd May at 2.15pm in your diary as we will be having a Year 1 picnic with parents and carers in the quad. If you are able to, we would appreciate donations of £1 towards the cost of ingredients for the picnic.

Next Week’s Learning w/b 23.04.19

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When we return to school our new Topic will be ‘Seasides’, which we are all very much looking forward to! The children will be introduced to the key text ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ and will complete a quiz about the story, will explore the new vocabulary it includes and will write their own definitions for some of these words (such as appetising) and they will be having a go at writing and illustrating their favourite part! They will also be working in teams to create and test their own boats, so please don’t forget to bring their boat design homework sheet back to school on our first day back, Tuesday 23rd April.

In Maths, the children will continue to work on finding 10 more and then move on to finding 10 less, reading subtraction number sentences and using dienes to find the answer.

Shared reading will start again the first week back and we hope to see as many parents as possible as our numbers have been low recently. Parents and carers who attend will also get to have a look at our extra choosing library, selecting a book together with their child. We really hope to see you there, 2.30-3pm on Friday.