Next Week’s Learning w/b 23.04.19

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When we return to school our new Topic will be ‘Seasides’, which we are all very much looking forward to! The children will be introduced to the key text ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ and will complete a quiz about the story, will explore the new vocabulary it includes and will write their own definitions for some of these words (such as appetising) and they will be having a go at writing and illustrating their favourite part! They will also be working in teams to create and test their own boats, so please don’t forget to bring their boat design homework sheet back to school on our first day back, Tuesday 23rd April.

In Maths, the children will continue to work on finding 10 more and then move on to finding 10 less, reading subtraction number sentences and using dienes to find the answer.

Shared reading will start again the first week back and we hope to see as many parents as possible as our numbers have been low recently. Parents and carers who attend will also get to have a look at our extra choosing library, selecting a book together with their child. We really hope to see you there, 2.30-3pm on Friday.

Next Week’s Learning w/b 25.02.19

When we return after half term we will have a new topic called ‘Carnival of the Animals’.

We are asking the children to dress up as their favourite jungle animal on the first day back, which will be our “hook day”. Please see the letter below for more information.

In Topic we will be sharing our new key text ‘The Leopard’s Drum’ by Jessica Souhami and doing lots of vocabulary development activities related to the story.

In Maths we will be ordering numerals, ordering quantities and starting to develop our understanding and knowledge of number bonds to 20 using addition.

Please don’t forget to complete the homework task with your child, we would like them to draw a picture of their favourite animal and to find out some facts about it.

It is also anti-bullying week when we return to school, so we would like the children to wear odd socks all week to celebrate difference.

One final thing – the hearing checks are taking place on Friday 1st March but the nurse will only be checking the hearing of children who have returned their forms. So, please send any outstanding forms into school as soon as possible after the break.

We look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Monday 25th February. Have a lovely holiday! Fingers crossed that this sunshine stays put…


The children have been given a homework task to complete over the holiday, based on our new topic ‘Castles and Dragons’. They have been asked to draw an image and to do some research about castles and dragons. We encourage you to look on Google or visit your local library.

Please can the homework sheet be returned to the class teacher on the first day back at school.