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Next week in Topic the children will be looking at the work of different artists who created seaside scenes, such as J.M.W Turner and they will be creating their own seaside scene, using a range of medium such as collage, oil pastels and paint. They will be learning about different weather patterns in Science and will be looking at how the weather has changed through the Spring season, as they have been recording this on a daily weather chart. Towards the end of the week, they will be writing a recipe for how to make a picnic sandwich and will be writing an apology letter for Mr Grinling, from the pesky seagulls who ate all of his lunch!

In Maths the children will be exploring money and will be finding out about the values of different British coins and notes. They will be comparing, sorting and ordering them and finally using addition to find the total value of a group of coins.

Our last day of school before the half term holiday is Friday 24th May.