This Week’s Learning


We have continued to partition 2 digit numbers using our part-part whole mats and dienes. We wrote corresponding number sentences for our images and used our sentence stems to explain what we did.

We also used less than, greater than and equal to symbols to compare numbers.


We have enjoyed retelling the story of ‘The Most Magnificent Thing’ orally and writing it in our books. We made a fan for our character to use to stop her from exploding. We later wrote a set of instructions on ‘How to make a paper fan.


We have carried out scientific enquiry on our favourite food. WE used tally chart and bar graph to record the information collected.

Next Week’s Learning


Next week we will be looking odd and even numbers and what happens when we add them together.

For example:

If you add two even numbers you will get an even number as the answer. If you add two odd numbers you will get an even number as the answer. However, if you add an odd and an even number you will get an odd number as the answer. The children need to be able to recognise an odd and even number within 100. They need to look at the last digit in the number to decide if it is odd/even. We will also be revising our number bonds to 10 and 20. The children need to have instant recall of these facts.


Next week we will be having a visit from the Owls. The children will experience them and will begin to learn facts about them. They will then write a recount of the visit. They will be expected to write in the past tense, use time conjunctions (first, then , next, later, finally etc.) and also in chronological order (time order, the order of when it happened.)


We will continue to look at Hinduism. Our focus will be on the core beliefs of this religion.

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Home Learning

If your child needs to self-isolate, please click here for their home learning pack.


Week 1

Day 1 worksheet 1 Tens and ones with a part-part -whole model

Day 2 worksheet 2 Tens and ones using addition

Day 3 worksheet 3 Using a place value chart

Day 4 worksheet 4 Compare objects

Day 5 worksheet 5 Compare numbers

Week 3

Day 1 worksheet 1 Count in 2s

Day 2 worksheet 2 Count in 5s

Day 4 worksheet 3 Count in 10s

Day 4 worksheet 4 Count in 3s

Day 5 worksheet 5 Count in 2s, 5s and 10s consolidation

This Weeks Learning


This week we are working on the story ‘The Most Magnificent Thing’. We are using adjectives in expanded noun phrases to describe some of the pictures.


This week we are looking at Place Value. We are looking at how many tens and ones are in a number. We are using counters, dienes and ones on tens frames to support our learning. We need to know the value of each digit in a 2-digit number because of where it is in the number. For example:

27 The number on the left represents the tens. The number on the right represents the ones. So, there are 2 tens and 7 ones in the number 27.

72 has 7 tens and only 2 ones and is therefore a much larger number. Getting these digit in the wrong place significantly changes the value of the number.


This week we are looking at the basic needs of animals, including humans. What these animals need to survive.


This week we have been learning about our local environment (Croydon) We talked about the United Kingdom, it’s four regions, their capital cities and locations. We located London on a map and where Croydon is situated.


This half term we are focusing on Hinduism.

Next Weeks Learning


We will be spending a couple of days retelling the story we were working on last week; ‘The Most Magnificent Thing’. Later in the week we will be focusing on instructions and their features. For example; time conjunctions eg. first, next. Imperative verbs, also known as ‘bossy verbs’ eg. Cut, fold, stir) and the writing our own instructions on how to make a paper fan. We will make a paper fan first so we can understand what we did.


Next week we are still working on Place Value but also comparing the numbers using the symbols to represent greater than, less than, equal to; (<, > and =) We will be using our knowledge of the tens and ones in a number to help us compare them. At the end of the week we will use what we have learnt to fill in some missing numbers from a 100 square.


We will be carrying out an investigation into our favourite food. We will use tally charts and bar graphs to represent our results.


Next week we will be looking at the work of Guiseppe Arcimboldo.

Year 2 – End Of The Year

Hi guys, we hope you are well. What a year it has been! None of us have experienced anything like this before so it has been a learning curve for us too. We hope you have enjoyed and managed to do the work we have been setting you. It would have been similar to what we would have done in class if everything was ‘normal’. You can use this as a basis for work to keep you going over the summer holiday-please do keep working though, you know how valuable it is!

It was lovely to see some of you in our new Google Classrooms on Wednesday morning. Please keep an eye on this as it will be used in September and you will need to be familiar with it.

Perhaps go back to the first blog after we closed in March, as there were lots of links on there of things you can do.

Some of you may watch Blue Peter, it’s a really good program, below is a link for some fun challenges and activities you can do over the holidays.


Please keep an eye on your emails, reports will be emailed out this year. There will be a link in the email to access the reports.

Have a wonderful summer holiday!

Have a wonderful summer holiday, have fun, stay safe and look after each other! A massive well done and good luck from all of us adults in Year 2! Its has been a fun and challenging year. All the best for year 3 and remember to pop back and see us, we would really love to see you in September!

Year 2 – Home Learning – Week 7

Hi everyone, this will probably be the last blog until September. We’ve all made you a little video clip to say ‘Goodbye’, see the ‘Goodbye’ Video links below, there will also be a ‘Hello’ one from your new teachers soon. By the way, Miss Stubbs is not crying in her clip, it was super bright and she was struggling to see without wearing sunglasses!!

Look after yourselves over the holiday, do keep working though, as you know it’s very important and will help you when we’re back. Remember to do your Mathletics too please, some of you haven’t done any at all, and some of you are flying through it-well done!

Have fun and stay safe and we will see you around school in September, so don’t worry! You’re also very welcome to come and say hello too.



‘Goodbye’ Videos

Ms Stubbs Goodbye Video

Mr Alasow Goodbye Video

Mrs Ayoola Goodbye Video


Click this link
This week we will be writing a letter to Mr Alasow about everything we have done during the time school’s have been closed. He is really looking forward to reading your writing

Foundation Subjects

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This year reports will be emailed to you. Please look out for an email from school in your inbox on Monday 20th July.