This week Home Learning

Hello Year 2

We hope you have all had a fantastic half-term and were able to do lots of interesting activities. It’s hard to believe that this is your final half -term in Year 2. Where has the time gone? Although it is sad that you’re not in school, try and remember all the fun things we have all done together during this school academic year.

For the next 2 weeks in English, we will be researching ‘Owls’ and gathering information for writing a Non-fiction text on Owls. Highlight and click the links below for more information



This week in Maths we will be looking again at statistics! Click the link below and you will be able to access this weeks work.

Maths Worksheet

Powerpoint link for Tuesday’s session.

Powerpoint link for Wednesday’s session.

Year 2 – Week 5

Hey Everyone

We hope you’re all doing well and have been keeping motivated to work hard at home. We will be reading ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ novel after half-term.

If you don’t have the book at home, you can listen to the Full audio book with text on youtube.

Remember, even though some restrictions have been slightly changed we must continue to keep our distance and keep hand washing.

Next weeks’ learning


Next week you will be learning about statistics. An interesting unit of work as we see statistics all the time on the news, especially at the moment and it’s part of everyday life. We hope you enjoy it. Click on the link below to access the work and resources you will need.

Maths work

Monday Maths Powerpoint
Tuesday Maths Powerpoint
Wednesday Maths Powerpoint
Thursday and Friday Maths Powerpoint


‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ is the focus for next week’s English, a classic story that has been retold and rewritten many times over. You’ve probably got at least one version of the story at home. Click on the link below to access the work.

English Work

Foundation Subjects

The link below will take you onto the foundation subjects the children can be doing at home next week. There are a lot of fun lessons planned for you and the children to do at home.

Foundation Subjects Work


Below is Ms Stubbs favourite story being read, we hope you enjoy it too!

Year 2 – Week 4

Good morning children and parents!

The Year 2 team hope you’ve all been really well and enjoying the lovely weather that has been going on! Remember to wash your hands and to keep safe during these tricky times. We really miss teaching you all!


The Maths work next week is on time! Click the link below and it will take you where you need to go.

Week 4 Maths Work


To access the English work for next week make sure you click the link below and it will take you to where you need to go!

Week 4 English Work

Foundation Subjects
The link below will take you onto the foundation subjects the children can be doing at home next week. There are a lot of fun lessons planned for you and the children to do at home.
Week 4 Foundation Subjects


Click the link below to listen to Mr Alasow’s favourite book being read aloud!

Year 2 – Week 3

Hi guys, how are you all doing?

We hope you managed to enjoy the lovely weather responsibly. How have you been getting on with the work we set you for the last 2 weeks? We hope you have done it all or made a good start. We also hope you’ve been able to do some more of your Mathletics!!

How did you find the home learning pack we sent home with you? Did you get it all done? Don’t forget you can use these activities several times, it’s always good to keep practising.

Next Weeks Learning

The links below will take you to next weeks learning for each subject-Maths, English and Foundation subjects. Click on each one as you need them and the work will be displayed. You will need to download them, especially the PowerPoints so they work correctly, by pressing the middle download button in the top right corner of the window.


Maths Work to do:

Maths – Monday and Tuesday PowerPoints:

Maths – Wednesday PowerPoint:

Maths – Thursday PowerPoint:

Maths – Friday PowerPoints:

Foundation Subjects


Below is a link to use to learn how to do coding. This is part of your ICT learning, it should be fun and will give you an insight into computer programming. Coding is a creative process that people, called ‘Programmers’, perform to tell a computer how to do a task. At its basic level, it involves writing computer programs using programming languages. … In short, coding for children is typically gamified making it fun for children to learn! I’ve had a go at a few of them and they’re quite fun, each one builds on the next so make sure you do them in order. They will also help you to develop your mouse and keyboard skills too!

Have a go. Click on the appropriate age group and work through them in order;


Here is a site that will help you with your reading at home. It’s got some good activities and online books to read. There are also some articles for your parents to read to help them too.

Below is a link to a site with suggested reading books for Year 2 children, you may already have some of these at home.

Get technology support for children and schools during coronavirus 

Something for parents/carers;

Nature – Hedgehog Awareness Week 3rd to 9th May

Probably my favourite animal, just adorable! Maybe you’ve seen one in the garden, maybe not, but we can do our bit to help these wonderful animals (they eat the slugs and snails that eat your garden plants so they’re super useful!). Remember, you must not feed them bread and milk, this is very bad for them. Have a look at this website and see what you can learn about hedgehogs.

Here’s some hedgehog activities you can download:

Stay safe, keep a daily learning routine and appreciate what you have.

Year 2 Team, xx

Home Learning for Week 2

Hey guys and girls, how are you all doing?

We hope you’ve been doing the work we’ve set you. The last work we set should take you a couple of weeks.

Please remember to do your Mathletics, we are checking your progress every couple of days. Some of you have been doing it regularly-well done! Some of you haven’t done any yet, please have a go…they are fun activities that will benefit your learning. Your log in details should be on the inside cover of your blue reading books.

Here’s some other Maths for you to work on. It’s capacity, use this as a revision of what we did a few weeks ago.

Week 2 Alternative Home Learning Maths

Press the link and you should be able to access the maths work!

If you have finished this and would like a challenge!

BBC Bitesize Year 2 Lesson  click the link and do the daily maths challenge!

As well as the work we have set you, please also be creative….get out into the garden/park (if possible), dig, build, listen watch the world around you. Spring is really here now and the plants and animals are blooming.

Here’s a book about COVID-19, it will explain a little more for you. I wonder if you’ll recognise the illustrator…Axel Sheffler…what other books has he illustrated?

Stay safe, remember Social Distancing, only mix with people from your household and wash your hands regularly.

Year 2 Staff, xx